Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A fun carnival themed wedding!

I love weddings with personality.
This is what I spent Monday and Tuesday doing. Such a cute and wonderful couple. Miss Webster, good luck, and we will miss you!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Random recent events

What we have been doing lately:

The Hope of America. Can you see Ryder? He's right in the middle of the blue section.

Standing outside the library at 6:45 am, waiting to take my last final. I am done. (Almost) Officially a graduate of Brigham Young University. At the tender age of 36.

Packing to go on vacation. Why does it take longer than the vacation? One of my orchestra moms told me it is almost not worth the trip, having to pack and do laundry. I disagree.

Getting flowers for our fifteenth anniversary.awww.

Having a daughter old enough to be obsessed with a boy band. Scary.

 Next up: Vacation, sending the girls to Minnesota (they are so excited), girls camp, and EFY.
I'm off to pack. See you soon.