Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Apron Swap

Get ready for some fun! Head over to Abby Welker's blog, A feathered nest, and sign up for her new summer apron swap. Not only do you get a fabulous new apron, but it is an opportunity to get those creative juices flowing.
While you are there, check out all her great ideas.

Cakes I Love!!!

There are so many different cake styles, and so little time. I love to go through magazines to find cakes that I love, and hope to be able to persuade a bride to use. I should have pictures of the last cake I did up soon, it was awesome, and so non-traditional, and yet perfect for the event. One of the trends I love is the new emphasis on color. wedding cakes, unlike the bride, do not have to be cloaked in white to be stunning. This cake is one of the hot new color combinations. The brown perfectly offsets the blue, and the uneven layers just go to show, you don't need military precision to achieve a sense of balance.

I love the simple flowers as well. Fresh, not gumpaste. Just the right touch.

The colors on this cake are awesome. Vivid, and unapologetic. And the gumpaste flowers are truly a work of art.

One look I like is painting directly on the cake. This next picture is of a cake I did several years ago, for a summer wedding, with a fruit theme.
Loved it. Of course I like to paint on anything.

Adventures in Orchestration

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take our school orchestra to an orchestra festival held at Northridge Elementary School in Orem. How much fun was that! There were probably 300 kids all playing together, learning, and having fun. The event was put together by Al Huish, the Northridge music teacher. Somehow, despite all the talk of music disappearing from our schools, and the problems it creates, Northridge has managed to retain a full music program that is the envy of the district.
It was a fun event, with all the kids playing a stirring military medley together, which we are going to use in our school concert, and then every school playing two or three pieces of their own. We chose an arrangement of the Harry Potter theme

song, as well as an arrangement of Star Wars. Both pieces that I was able to order were a little too difficult for our fledgling orchestra, so I rearranged them for more ease of playability. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, and it was challenging, but very fun. To keep the essence of the piece, and the parts, and still allow it to be played by very beginning players. Pleased by this success I went on to write the accompaniment to the military medley for our pianist. Wow, something new to do on the computer, just what I needed. Now I am working on a collection of hymns for my private violin students. The kids learn so much through music, but it is wonderful to see them get all excited about playing a piece of music that they recognize, and that they can play for their family and friends. Star Wars is the most difficult piece we have played to date, with a key change, and rapid shifts between quarter and eight note lengths, and yet the students learned it in record time. Now if we can stay focused until our concert!!