Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A fun carnival themed wedding!

I love weddings with personality.
This is what I spent Monday and Tuesday doing. Such a cute and wonderful couple. Miss Webster, good luck, and we will miss you!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Random recent events

What we have been doing lately:

The Hope of America. Can you see Ryder? He's right in the middle of the blue section.

Standing outside the library at 6:45 am, waiting to take my last final. I am done. (Almost) Officially a graduate of Brigham Young University. At the tender age of 36.

Packing to go on vacation. Why does it take longer than the vacation? One of my orchestra moms told me it is almost not worth the trip, having to pack and do laundry. I disagree.

Getting flowers for our fifteenth anniversary.awww.

Having a daughter old enough to be obsessed with a boy band. Scary.

 Next up: Vacation, sending the girls to Minnesota (they are so excited), girls camp, and EFY.
I'm off to pack. See you soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Green with envy

A quick update on a couple of cakes I did this last month. Oddly enough both centered around the color green.
This one was a spring green cake with white satin ribbon, white scrollwork, and white draperies, with coordinating flowers. (fresh of course)

This one was a porcelein white base with green satin ribbon, and cream scrollwork, handpainted with gold luster dust for an aged look.

I really liked how they both turned out.
Well, back to life. I am shopping and doing food for the baptism tomorrow, and of course raspberries went on sale the day I had a ton to do, so the yearly stockpile of Jam is being put up today.
For anyone who is interested, the springville Reams has cases of raspberries for $10. WOW!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please Come!

Another month has flown by, and I have been enjoying my relatively "unplugged" status. Posts on my blog have been relatively few and far between as we have attended
orchestra concerts, piano recitals, dance festivals, carnival, and all the other exciting and busy events that herald the end of the school year.

And so here we are again. The school year is over. Desks have been cleaned out, and their contents strewn about my just-cleaned laundry room, backpacks thrown into the corner with a heavy sigh of relief, and we are all feeling a sense of exhilaration.
No more lunches to make every morning, no more tearful evenings agonizing over 4th grade homework and missing assignments. Our days can settle into a lazier succession of trips to the pool, late night movies, library trips, evenings spent outside, and warm weather picnics

Oh, and did I forget to mention whining, Otter pop wrappers, "I'm bored", Otter Pop wrappers, chores, and oh yes, Otter Pop wrappers.
It's going to be grand.
So come on over, pull up a chair, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of summer.
Take your pick,
Crickets or Crying.
And by the way, please come to Ryders Baptism on Saturday if you can.
Can you believe he's gotten so big?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Schizophrenic Seasons

If Spring were a person, it would be the mentally unstable member of the family. You know-the crazy Aunt everyone loves to have to dinner.
We woke this morning to a thin blanket of snow,
by noon it was gale force winds and rain,
and by five o clock it was sunny with blue sky!
The mercurial nature of spring is such that the golden glow of early blooming forsythia is often peeping out of snow and ice, like a cheerful sign- Hold on just a little bit longer. Warmth, green and blooming things are just around the corner!

I've often wondered if this dichotomy of spring has contributed itself to my personality. Being born in March has it's ups and downs. Minute by minute.
And like March I am constantly swayed, first one way and then another. A whole hearted devotion to the project of the moment.
Until the next.
A jack of all trades and master of none.
A bright hint of sunny yellow peering out of a blanket of gray.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Days

The last 10 days or so has been crazy at our house.

And not just ordinary, pull your hair out getting the kids to school in the morning crazy. But fill every spare minute of the day crazy.

Nothing evidenced (is that even a word?) this as well as our family home evening last week.

At Walmart.

Buying yogurt.

This of course made perfect sense at the time.

Dinner was over. Homework was done. And some items were desperately needed.

When my husband announced his intention of running out to "pick up a few things" a chorus of me too's sounded throughout our house. So there we were. 4 kids, 2 adults and a wobbly cart. And thousands of items to beg for.

(hint: never take more than 2 kids to the store at a time-or you WILL spend the whole trip replacing their "necessities on the shelves.)

It was an uplifting experience.

FHE this week was better. We learned about planting a garden. This involved much dirt spilled on the kitchen floor while the kids planted seeds in tiny egg cartons.

We also learned about animals.

Namely these.

Aren't they cute? (the chickens too!)

Just call us Farmer Joe and wife. Organic farmers extrodinaire. Self sufficiency personified.

Channing looks a little worried. (Unlike her younger sister she is very worried about the poop factor.)

So R is deep in another project- a chicken coop to house our new egg producing machines.

And meanwhile they live in the kitchen. Cheeping. Scratching. Driving the dog insane.

A true indication of the state of our lives.

Just the crazy chicken people down the street.

Friday, February 27, 2009


This is for my sisters, and all the other lovely and talented women I know. You truly are amazing!

Elder Uchtdorf touched hearts at the last Womens Conference, speaking of what we as women try to do in our lives. Create homes, create relationships, create beauty!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to beat the Winter Blaahhs!

January is an interesting month. I love the cold, and the white winter scenes. But when white descends into grey, I always get what I like to call the Blaaahs. A state that defies explanation, although I know you all have experienced it too.

At these times a change becomes imperitive.

A new dress.

A change of scene.

Or. . .

The relationship a girl has with her hair is complex. Love it, hate it, it becomes an integral part of your identity, defining the way you choose to percieve yourself.
And it was time for a change.
(And yes, I let my husband do this. In truth I don't know if I would have dared with anyone else.)

Serious. Chic. Dare I say a little bit daring?
Thanks Lindsay, for giving me the courage to be BRAVE!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holding the Moon and dancing in the Kitchen

The moon in the Palm of his hand.

a few weeks ago we got this neat email with pictures of people and the moon. Ever since Ryder and sutton have been wanting a picture of themselves "playing with the moon".

Every time the "big" (full) moon has come up they have dragged me to their bedroom window to see it, and take their pictures.

What we found is that you have about 10 minutes to line up a shot before it is too dark. So we will keep trying.

Isn't this one great?

When the winter weather howls at the door, and the snow piles up we get a little stir crazy. So this was the scene after dinner this week.

Waltzing through life. ( I love that evie dipped ryder)

And I give Ryder 2 years before he refuses to dance with his sisters.

We made bird seed bagels and pinecones for family night. It was Ryder's turn to plan it. We got the Idea off this website, Here.

She has great ideas for things to do with your kids.

Another place I get ideas is from this blog.

She inspires me to slow down and enjoy my kids.

Here is a picture of the wedding cake I did this weekend. It was for the new rentors in our basement, and she wanted something simple and elegant, so we went with a wide red ribbon, and swiss dots, traditionally stacked, with a white grosgrain accent ribbon.

It was beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of the last week in our lives.

Hope you all are doing well.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

21 Inches of Snow.

That is how much snow we have gotten since the 1st of January.

Imagine my surprise when I found these oddly shaped tracks when I went outside to shovel.

And these cute little tootsies, padding through the snow.
5 year olds.
What can I say.

Snow Angels.

And beautiful snow laden trees.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year has begun, and with it a deep and dark confession.

I took not one picture of my kids over the holidays after this charming one of them sneaking down the stairs christmas morning.
Bad, Bad Mom!!!

So as the peaceful, gentle snowfalls of December fade into the frigid, icy winds of January, I though I would share some of the highlights of our year.

But first-the few pictures I did take.

Evie's Bad Elf attitude at the christmas sing

Ryder. Actually singing. Way to go!!!!

The kids at their piano recital. We Love the Sacketts!!!

Cupcakes for everyone!!!

Recycled wool christmas gifts. WooHoo!

And now, some highlights of 2008;
Evie got glasses!
Channing discovered clam chowder on fisherman's wharf,

Ryder started piano lessons,

Sutton got to ride a pony!- and is learning his alphabet!
Ryder played with spencer-a lot.
Evie read, and read, and read.....................
Channing got a guitar,
Sutton spent a LOT of time with mom,
I learned to Ice Skate,
and was terrified by a release from primary and a calling to Young Women's.
Ron got to tour Battle Mountain Nevada,
And was an incredible husband and father!

Happy New Year, and I hope everyone has as good a year in the month's to come as our family has this last year!

Gotta love SF!