Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holding the Moon and dancing in the Kitchen

The moon in the Palm of his hand.

a few weeks ago we got this neat email with pictures of people and the moon. Ever since Ryder and sutton have been wanting a picture of themselves "playing with the moon".

Every time the "big" (full) moon has come up they have dragged me to their bedroom window to see it, and take their pictures.

What we found is that you have about 10 minutes to line up a shot before it is too dark. So we will keep trying.

Isn't this one great?

When the winter weather howls at the door, and the snow piles up we get a little stir crazy. So this was the scene after dinner this week.

Waltzing through life. ( I love that evie dipped ryder)

And I give Ryder 2 years before he refuses to dance with his sisters.

We made bird seed bagels and pinecones for family night. It was Ryder's turn to plan it. We got the Idea off this website, Here.

She has great ideas for things to do with your kids.

Another place I get ideas is from this blog.

She inspires me to slow down and enjoy my kids.

Here is a picture of the wedding cake I did this weekend. It was for the new rentors in our basement, and she wanted something simple and elegant, so we went with a wide red ribbon, and swiss dots, traditionally stacked, with a white grosgrain accent ribbon.

It was beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of the last week in our lives.

Hope you all are doing well.

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