Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year has begun, and with it a deep and dark confession.

I took not one picture of my kids over the holidays after this charming one of them sneaking down the stairs christmas morning.
Bad, Bad Mom!!!

So as the peaceful, gentle snowfalls of December fade into the frigid, icy winds of January, I though I would share some of the highlights of our year.

But first-the few pictures I did take.

Evie's Bad Elf attitude at the christmas sing

Ryder. Actually singing. Way to go!!!!

The kids at their piano recital. We Love the Sacketts!!!

Cupcakes for everyone!!!

Recycled wool christmas gifts. WooHoo!

And now, some highlights of 2008;
Evie got glasses!
Channing discovered clam chowder on fisherman's wharf,

Ryder started piano lessons,

Sutton got to ride a pony!- and is learning his alphabet!
Ryder played with spencer-a lot.
Evie read, and read, and read.....................
Channing got a guitar,
Sutton spent a LOT of time with mom,
I learned to Ice Skate,
and was terrified by a release from primary and a calling to Young Women's.
Ron got to tour Battle Mountain Nevada,
And was an incredible husband and father!

Happy New Year, and I hope everyone has as good a year in the month's to come as our family has this last year!

Gotta love SF!

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