Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to beat the Winter Blaahhs!

January is an interesting month. I love the cold, and the white winter scenes. But when white descends into grey, I always get what I like to call the Blaaahs. A state that defies explanation, although I know you all have experienced it too.

At these times a change becomes imperitive.

A new dress.

A change of scene.

Or. . .

The relationship a girl has with her hair is complex. Love it, hate it, it becomes an integral part of your identity, defining the way you choose to percieve yourself.
And it was time for a change.
(And yes, I let my husband do this. In truth I don't know if I would have dared with anyone else.)

Serious. Chic. Dare I say a little bit daring?
Thanks Lindsay, for giving me the courage to be BRAVE!


The McGowans said...

You are sooo beautiful! I love the new do!

Lamon, Mary, Drew, Hayden and Ada said...

You are so funny! I love the way you write. Your hair looks fabulous!

Ben and Keenan said...

Like I have told you in person - your hair is fantastic! The cut really suits you and you carry it well! I love it.

ShelliRae said...
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Dedra said...

I do love your hair. It looks fantastic!

Rosalee said...

I love your new hair do! So cute. It suits you well!