Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Days

The last 10 days or so has been crazy at our house.

And not just ordinary, pull your hair out getting the kids to school in the morning crazy. But fill every spare minute of the day crazy.

Nothing evidenced (is that even a word?) this as well as our family home evening last week.

At Walmart.

Buying yogurt.

This of course made perfect sense at the time.

Dinner was over. Homework was done. And some items were desperately needed.

When my husband announced his intention of running out to "pick up a few things" a chorus of me too's sounded throughout our house. So there we were. 4 kids, 2 adults and a wobbly cart. And thousands of items to beg for.

(hint: never take more than 2 kids to the store at a time-or you WILL spend the whole trip replacing their "necessities on the shelves.)

It was an uplifting experience.

FHE this week was better. We learned about planting a garden. This involved much dirt spilled on the kitchen floor while the kids planted seeds in tiny egg cartons.

We also learned about animals.

Namely these.

Aren't they cute? (the chickens too!)

Just call us Farmer Joe and wife. Organic farmers extrodinaire. Self sufficiency personified.

Channing looks a little worried. (Unlike her younger sister she is very worried about the poop factor.)

So R is deep in another project- a chicken coop to house our new egg producing machines.

And meanwhile they live in the kitchen. Cheeping. Scratching. Driving the dog insane.

A true indication of the state of our lives.

Just the crazy chicken people down the street.


susette said...
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Rosalee said...

Wow! Chickens are lots of fun! My sister kept some for a while and ended up with lots of little chickens too. I hope the craziness in your life has settled down!