Thursday, March 26, 2009

Schizophrenic Seasons

If Spring were a person, it would be the mentally unstable member of the family. You know-the crazy Aunt everyone loves to have to dinner.
We woke this morning to a thin blanket of snow,
by noon it was gale force winds and rain,
and by five o clock it was sunny with blue sky!
The mercurial nature of spring is such that the golden glow of early blooming forsythia is often peeping out of snow and ice, like a cheerful sign- Hold on just a little bit longer. Warmth, green and blooming things are just around the corner!

I've often wondered if this dichotomy of spring has contributed itself to my personality. Being born in March has it's ups and downs. Minute by minute.
And like March I am constantly swayed, first one way and then another. A whole hearted devotion to the project of the moment.
Until the next.
A jack of all trades and master of none.
A bright hint of sunny yellow peering out of a blanket of gray.

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